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We’re pleased to say that we’ve launched the very first full diesel hybrid drivetrain – and what a drive it gives you. Who says respect for the environment has to mean lack of performance?

HYbrid4 technology combines a diesel engine with an electric motor, second generation e-HDi micro-hybrid technology (Stop & Start system) and a manual sequential driven gearbox. Complicated as that may sound, it’s really easy to use. A selection dial on the console of our hybrid cars means you can select one of four driving modes:

  • Auto – the car automatically sets itself to the appropriate driving mode
  • ZEV – or Zero Emissions Vehicle mode, for 100% electric driving - ideal for city journeys
  • 4WD – or Four Wheel Drive mode is for extreme weather conditions when you need extra grip on the roads - both the diesel engine and electric motor work together in this mode
  • Sport – this mode also sets the engine and motor to work together and gives you increased performance

Watch 'How HYbrid4 Works' video

To find out more about HYbrid4, visit our new HYbrid4 Discovery showroom.