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Carbon Sink Programme:

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In 1999, Peugeot and the Office National des Forêts français (ONF) started a forty-year journey - the Peugeot-ONF Carbon Sink Programme project.

The objective of this project is, in technical terms, to study the relationship between reforestation, atmospheric carbon sequestration and climate regulation. Which basically means we want to try and introduce more trees into an area of the planet instrumental in climate control - or Peugeot climate regulation as we like to call it.

The Fazenda São Nicolau Carbon Sink programme is in the south eastern part of the Amazon, and acts as a ‘green lung’ that helps our planet combat increasing levels of greenhouse gas emissions. The project, now in its 12th year, has so far reintroduced 111,000 tonnes of CO2 by planting over 2 million trees, mainly using species native to this area.

This natural scientific laboratory collaborates around 40 research projects and has over 100 students doing field research. The Fazenda also welcomes 400 primary school children from neighbouring villages every year, as part of an environmental education programme. And in 2009, a sector of the natural forest was turned into a Private Natural Heritage Reserve, supported by the Federal University of Mato Grosso for further research activities.

We’re very proud of this project here at Peugeot and all that it has achieved so far; helping to protect the planet’s resources for future generations.